Add products

You can add products and include such things as photos, price, SKU, category, or a detailed description. Highlight new or best-selling items as featured products. (Non-product storefront pages are handled differently. See Edit basic storefront pages.)

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your product. (Need help logging in?)
  2. At the top of your screen, go to the Products tab and click All Products.
    Click All Products
  3. On the All Products tab, click Add Product.
  4. Enter a Product name.
  5. To add a picture of the product, click Add Image, browse to the image, and click Open. (For image limits, see Add photos to storefront pages.)
    click Add Image button to add product photo

    Note: Click Add more below main image to add up to 10 images. Click and drag images to rearrange them; the first becomes the main image. To delete an image, roll your cursor over it and click the trash can.
    Hover over image and click trash can

  6. Enter a Price.

    Note: You can enter a Sale price now or later. On store's Shop page, the sales price displays next to marked-out regular price.

  7. By default, for new products the Collect taxes on this product check box is already selected. If you do not want to collect taxes on this product, clear the check box.
  8. Use SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) field to enter a unique number to track inventory and manage related invoices. (If you already entered a SKU, it shows below the field, so just press Enter/Return.)
    Enter product number in SKU field
  9. Use Categories to assign the product to an existing product category or to create a new one.
    select product category
  10. By default, for new products the Show on store check box is already selected. This ensures that your new products appear in the store. Clear the check box to hide products not for sale, such as seasonal items.
  11. The Description tab has a field to describe product, add hyperlinks, extra images, or video. (See Add Video.)
    Use Description for text, links, videos
  12. Once you finish adding a product, click Save or Save and Add Another.
  13. To return to the list of all your products, click the Products tab and select All Products.

The All Products page also lets you update product listings, copy a product page to save time building a similar page, or delete pages you no longer need. To add photos to your non-product pages, see Add Photos.

Edit, Clone, Delete buttons Other Product Options
Edit a product Click the pencil icon.
Copy a product Click the copy icon to create a new product page with the same info. Then edit the product name, SKU, or replace image.
Delete a product Click the trash can for the product you want to delete, or select the check boxes for several products and click Delete.

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