Adding Domains to the Email Configuration in Simple Control Panel

Before you can set up an email account, you must add a domain to use with email. When you add a domain to email, you specify how the domain handles email messages sent to an alias account. You create an alias to handle email sent to specific email addresses that do not have accounts associated with them, such as or An alias redirects email to an account that you specify. For example, you can set up an alias so that messages sent to "" are redirected to your personal account. To create an email alias, see Creating and Modifying Email Aliases.

Note: After you add a domain, a list of common aliases is created. Automatically created aliases include webmaster, security, and info.

To Add a Domain to the Email Configuration

  1. Log in to Simple Control Panel. For more information as to how to do this, see How do I access my Dedicated Server using Simple Control Panel?
  2. Click the Email icon.
  3. Click Add New Domain.
    The Email Configuration - Add Domain Wizard page displays. This is the first page in a wizard.
  4. Answer the questions or follow the instructions on each page, clicking Next to advance through the screens. For field definitions on any screen, click the help button.
  5. Click Save.

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