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Create a distribution group

Distribution Groups let you send an email to one email address and reach multiple email users in your business. It's great for when your business has multiple projects or departments; you can send the group an announcement or invite them to a meeting using just one address.

  1. Sign in to your Email & Office Dashboard (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Select Microsoft 365 Admin > Distribution Groups.
    Select Distribution Groups from Admin list
  3. Select Add Distribution Group to open the Add New Distribution Group form.
    Click Add Distribution Group
  4. Enter your Distribution Group Name.
    Enter distribution group name
  5. Enter your Distribution Group Address. (Anyone outside of your business can't send emails to this group - distribution groups are internal only.)
    Eneter distribution group address
  6. Under Add Members, select the check box next to a users' name to add them to the distribution group.
  7. Select Save; you'll be returned to the main Distribution Groups page. Your new distribution group is ready to go.
    Add members and click save

You can create, edit or delete distribution groups from this page at any time.
Add edit or delete a distribution group

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  • Create an email alias that lets your customers send an email to a generic email address. See What is an email alias?

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