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Error: This seat's taken, domain has already been used

When setting up your domain and email for the first time in Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy, you might receive this error if you've already used the domain with Microsoft:

This seat's taken. Whoops! [Domain] has already been used to set up an Microsoft 365 account at Microsoft©.

This might happen if you set up your domain on an Microsoft 365 trial offer, and then purchased a plan later on. No worries, after you remove the domain from your Microsoft account, you'll be ready to use your domain and email address with your Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy account.

Required: You must be in the new admin center to follow these steps.
The new admin center toggle
  1. Go to and choose your domain's current account. Use your prior Microsoft 365 email address, password and select Sign in (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. Select Admin.
  3. Select Users > Active users.
    Users and Active users
  4. Select the check mark to the left of all users > the three dots > Change domains.
    Change domains
  5. Use the drop-down list to select the domain ending in and read the alert. Changing the domain will change your users' email addresses, including yours. If their emails are also their usernames, this also changes how they sign in.
  6. Select Save changes, which will sign you out. If you don't automatically sign out, select your profile icon and Sign out.
    Sign out
  7. Sign back in to, but this time, select Use another account to sign in using your email address with the domain. For example, if you signed in using, you'll now need to use
  8. Select Admin.
  9. Select Users > Active users.
  10. All of your users should now be on the domain. Make sure all aliases are removed by selecting the display name directly for one of your users. In the panel that opens, if you see Aliases, select Manage email aliases.
    Manage email aliases
  11. Select the trash can trash can to delete the aliases tied to the previous domain. Repeat for all users and Save changes.
  12. If you have groups or shared mailboxes, you'll need to change the domain to for those as well. Select Groups > Groups.
  13. Select the check mark to the left your group's name, and Edit name and description.
    Select group and edit name and description
  14. After the @, use the drop-down list to change the domain name and Save. Select Close to exit the panel, and repeat for all groups and shared mailboxes on your domain.
  15. The domain can now be removed from Microsoft. Select Setup.
  16. Next to Sign-in and security, select View under Get your custom domain set up.
  17. Select Manage.
  18. Select the check mark next to a domain and Set as default.
    Set as default
  19. Select the check mark next to your custom domain > select the three dots > Remove domain.
    Three dots and remove domain
  20. Select Remove. Your domain was removed from Microsoft and now you can create new users in your Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy account!

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