Get started with Linux hosting (cPanel)

To make your website visible on the Web, your website’s files and data must be stored or "hosted" on a computer that is connected to the Internet. There are lots of options for hosting your website files. Watch this video to learn more. See the full article.

What is shared hosting?

Learn what shared hosting is and how you can determine if it's the right solution for you. See the full article.

What is VPS hosting?

Learn what VPS hosting is and how it differs from other types of hosting. See the full article.

What is business hosting?

GoDaddy explains what business hosting is and helps you determine if you need more powerful hosting for your business. See the full article.

Upload website files with cPanel File Manager

After you set up your cPanel account, upload your website files with the cPanel File Manager. This tool is easy to use, but it only allows you to upload one file at a time. See the full article. If you need to upload a lot of files, consider using FTP instead.

Upload website files with FTP

After you set up your cPanel account, you can upload website files with the open source FTP client, FileZilla. This tool is a little harder to use than the cPanel File Manager, but it lets you upload several files at once. See the full article. Don't know what FTP is? Check out What is FTP?.

Install WordPress using cPanel

Interested in using WordPress to create a blog or website? This video will show you how to install it on a cPanel hosting account. See the full article.

Install Drupal using cPanel

You’ve decided to use Drupal for to create your website and manage your online content, but you’re not sure how to install it. This video will walk you through the process. See the full article.

More info

Check out these articles to learn more about website hosting.

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