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Set up WP Premium Support

You will need to set up WP Premium Support before requesting a service for your WordPress site.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account and open your product. (Need help opening your product?)
  2. Click Setup after locating your WP Premium Support subscription.
  3. Click Activate to add the listed sites to your subscription, or Add site to add additional WordPress sites.

    Note: Sites hosted on Managed WordPress in the same account are automatically added to your WP Premium Support subscription.

    Add site access

  4. From the add a site from drop-down, select My account, 3rd party hosting, or Clients.
    • The My account option lets you select from the hosting plans in your account by choosing one from the Select hosting product drop-down list.
    • The 3rd party hosting option is for any other sites hosted outside of your customer account.
    • If you are a member of Pro Clients, your clients will show up in the drop-down to select one of their hosting products.
  5. Ensure that your Site URL is accurate (coolexample.com).
  6. Complete the fields under each remaining section:
  7. WordPress

    1. I have a custom login for my WP Admin login check box: Check this box and fill in the WP Admin Path field if you have a custom login path (coolexample.com/custom-login).
    2. WP Admin Full Path: This field auto-fills from the Site URL.
    3. Username: your WordPress admin username.
    4. Password: your WordPress admin password.


    1. Host address (coolexample.com or your site's IP address).

      Note: If your site uses a Firewall or CDN, then you may need to enter the hosting IP address instead of the domain.

    2. Username: your FTP username.
    3. Password: your FTP password.
    4. Protocol.
    5. Port.

      Note: You only need to change the Protocol and Port options if your host or server doesn't use standard FTP settings.

  8. Click the Activate button.

Your WP Premium Support subscription is now ready to use!

Note: If you received an error message then you may need to find your FTP settings or reset your WordPress password.

Next steps

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