Skinning Your Reseller Storefront

Skinning your reseller storefront lets you customize and control your reseller website's home page. This lets you focus on your storefront's search engine optimization (SEO) by inserting meta data specific to your domain, while still linking off to the reseller storefront we provide.

This article shows you how to skin your storefront by creating an HTML Web page. You can host this page on your own hosting account, using your own domain name. However, this article does not show you how to customize your home page — you are responsible for the coding to customize it.

If you want to customize your storefront's appearance without creating a skin, see Customize my storefront.

To Skin Your Reseller Storefront

  1. Go to your storefront's URL. Locate this URL by clicking View Storefront from the Reseller Control Center.
  2. From the File menu on your browser, select the option to save the page:
    • Internet Explorer— select Save As.
    • FireFox— select Save Page As.
  3. Save the file as index.html. Select Web Page, complete as the file type, and then click OK. This also saves an index_files folder in the same location.
  4. Upload index.html and the index_files folder to the root directory of your hosting account. See FTP: Upload my files to cPanel hosting for more information.

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