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Domains Справка

Delete a DS record

You can delete any of your DS records at any time.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center. (Need help logging in? Find your username or password.)
  2. Select your domain to access the Domain Settings page.
  3. Under Additional Settings, select Manage DNS.
  4. Under Advanced Features, select DNSSEC.
  5. On the DS Records page, select EDIT next to the record you need to update.
  6. In the edit window, select the edit dns pencil icon pencil icon to open the edit window, then select the edit dns trash can icon trash can icon to delete the record.
  7. Confirm deletion by selecting Delete in the confirmation window.

Please allow up to 48 hours for your changes to take full effect globally.

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More info

  • Some domains, such as ccTLDs, do not support DNSSEC.
  • Edit or add DS records at any time from the same DS Records page.
  • We recommend enabling two-step verification to protect your GoDaddy account.

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