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What is CoBlocks?

The WordPress block editor uses blocks to display content. CoBlocks is a collection of blocks that expand WordPress further, empowering users to create rich content in an intuitive fashion without sacrificing your creativity. These blocks are flexible, reliable, distinct, easy to use and highly re-usable.

CoBlocks leverages Gutenberg to add even more functionality to the block editor. Simple controls let you manage the padding and margins, add layout features like shape dividers, and more.

Creating a media rich website with just a few clicks has never been this easy. Space out content, drop in social icons, add gifs — all of these, and more, are new blocks powered by CoBlocks. The Typography Control Panel lets you set custom fonts, line heights, weights and transformations for any blocks.

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cyrusboon's Avatar
Having issue with CoBlocks plugin on wordpress

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Last posted 10 months ago.

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what is office 965

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damonclarke's Avatar
What is whois count?

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evaldas's Avatar
What is this?

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ude's Avatar
What is my Domain?

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