What is FTP?

FTP - which stands for File Transfer Protocol- is a way to move files from one computer to another, or in the case of your hosting account, your computer to our hosting server. When you are creating a website with a text editor or another web page editor, you will need to move those files from your computer to your hosting account with an FTP client. The FTP client is what makes this easy for you--often it's just a matter of connecting to your hosting account, and then dragging the files from your computer to your hosting account. After you have moved your files with the FTP client to the hosting account, your site is visible to visitors.

Using FTP

To use FTP, you'll need an FTP client. There are many different clients you can use, but we recommend FileZilla.

Some website building software - such as Dreamweaver - may also have their own built-in FTP features for uploading your site.

Next steps

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